Recreational Program Information

The Saginaw Township Soccer Association Recreational Soccer Program is geared to players of ALL skill levels. Teams are made up for each spring and fall season independently based upon the ages of players.

The Recreational Soccer Program is comprised entirely of volunteer Coaches, some have experience with the game and others are parents just learning the game. These volunteers are the foundation for the Recreational Soccer Program and we could not function without the effort of these volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer coach, please speak to one of the Divisional Coordinators at an In-Person Registration or click on Contact Us on our website for a complete list of coordinators.


The Saginaw Township Soccer Association fields teams in the following age groups:
•    U5 Boys and Girls Teams
•    U7 Boys and Girls Teams
•    U9 Boys & Girls Teams
•    U12 Boys and Girls Teams
•    U15 COED Teams

For player placement, you need to know your child's age as of December 31st of the current year (for fall or spring placement).  If you're not sure what age group your child will be placed in, you can click here for the Age Chart or contact a Divisional Coordinator. When registering online, you only need to accurately enter your child's birth date to have them properly placed in the correct age division.

The current registration cost to play recreational soccer at the Saginaw Township Soccer Complex is $65.00 for U5 & U7, $80.00 for U9 and up. Registration includes 8-10 games (depending on the number of teams) for the U5 & U7 program. For U9-U15 there will be 7 regular season games scheduled as well as a tournament in which the teams play at least an additional 3 games.

The Saginaw Township Soccer Association requires all recreational players to wear our reversible Red (Away) and White (Home) Jerseys, which can be purchased at the STSA Store during in-person registrations or other select times that will be on our web site.  The cost for the jersey is $15.00.  We encourage parents to purchase jerseys a bit larger so the players can wear them longer as well as wear heavier clothes under the jerseys during colder weather.  Each player must also wear shin guards covered by socks and we encourage players to wear cleats to reduce injury and provide better footing in wet weather conditions.

ALL jewelry MUST be removed before that child will be allowed to participate in any soccer activities at the Saginaw Township Soccer Complex.  If you're child just had earrings put in, they will have to be removed prior to the game starting if you want them to participate. Taping the backs of earrings is NOT acceptable! The Saginaw Township Soccer Association is required to follow the FIFA Laws of the game as well as the policies of the United States Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer.  This policy extends to necklaces, bracelets of any kind, etc.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


We DO play when it is raining, but NOT WHEN IT IS THUNDERING AND LIGHTNING. In the event of inclement weather and the horn is sounded by a member of the Board of Directors, players and spectators need to wait out the weather conditions in their vehicles. No one is permitted to seek shelter under the Pavilion area as the Pavilion area is not a designated safe shelter.  If you seek shelter under the Pavilion you will be asked to go to your vehicles.  If you have questions about the STSA Weather Policy, please contact the Board Member on site.  Any make up games will be rescheduled at the discretion of the Recreational Director.

Practice will be set for all teams U9 and above. There is 1 set practice at complex scheduled by the Recreational Director and a second individual team practice is set by the coach at an offsite location.  For more information on your child's practice times and locations, please contact your teams coach.

The Saginaw Township Soccer Association strives to provide the best possible experience for the player, players’ family, referees, and spectators.  STSA has a Zero Tolerance Policy that is strictly enforced and outlines expected parent and spectator sideline behavior.  In December of 2012, the STSA has entered the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Club Standards Program.  The program helps clubs identify new methods for developing volunteer Coaches and players alike through the use of the NSCAA'S existing educational model.  The STSA is happy to have this process which will help our coaches develop at the same time the coaches will be developing our players.

For more Recreational Soccer Information, please check out the RECREATIONAL INFORMATION which is located on Recreation Menu pull down on the home page of our web site.  Thank you for checking out the Recreational Soccer Program and we hope to see you on the pitch!